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We Represent Excellence

Committed. Dependable. Action Oriented.

Equiturn Business Solutions was incorporated in 2018 as a Growth Management Consulting firm in Broward County, with the primary focus of growth advisory services to lower middle-market businesses, with annual revenues ranging from $10m-$150m. Equiturn is motivated by the goal of providing organizations with the analysis, strategic planning, execution, and team of experts to accomplish their short and long-term goals and efficiency efforts and reach their company's full potential. The firm accomplishes this by providing a comprehensive suite of corporate support services through the lens of strategic growth consulting. These services include management & operations consulting, financial & accounting consulting, human capital consulting, sales consulting, and digital marketing. By building a team of passionate professionals who have over 60 years of combined experience in these areas, Equiturn has successfully supported and grown over 100 different businesses over the last 4 years

Our Story

Since its inception, Equiturn has worked with a wide array of for-profit and non-profit businesses in a number of different industries. Our approach is to analyze the existing business’s finances, operations, marketing, and management and provide clear strategy recommendations and improvement execution efforts, usually for no less than two years. The goal is to pinpoint opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce expenses, improve productivity, motivate employee performance and morale, and, ultimately, increase the company's impact and net profitability. From there, we take a hands-on approach in executing our carefully analyzed recommendations to ensure the opportunities laid out are met with limited added stress on the existing team. Finally, we assess the actions and objectives on a recurring basis, adjusting the strategy along the way if needed.

The key to our success is the approach we take, the care we have towards our clients, and the talent we have on our team. The majority of our team comes to Equiturn with an outstanding previous professional record and a great education which equips them to work effectively with our clients.

Our Partners

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