Our Mission

Providing results-based management consulting. We are driven by a unique, disruptive, and innovative approach to helping businesses succeed.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill


Our Approach

Equiturn is focused on providing high-level support to all types of companies in any industry, by adding tremendous value through our expertise within our partnerships.  We believe a vital part of corporate success is the evaluation and scrutiny of business processes, financial structure, and management from an outside expert. 

We work hand-in-hand with business owners, venture capitalists, private equity companies, investment banks, lenders, and more to ensure that their businesses and investments are performing to their highest potential.  We provide a comprehensive corporate analysis of any potential partner free of charge. 

Our main approach is to not take an hourly fee, so our interests constantly stay in line with our partners at all times.  Our team of industry experts create a unique and strategic plan for any problem and have partnership opportunities that can fit into any business.


Equiturn's Story

Founded by Joshua Orlinsky and Ron Krudo, both with years of management and financial consulting expertise and a cutting-edge view of the industry. Josh has almost a decade of management and financial consulting experience in the Northeast and Ron has been working for over a decade in team management, leadership, and raising capital. They partnered together on this innovative approach to helping companies and start ups in need and lead a team comprised of expert-level consultants that collaborate in order to provide our partners with the best roadmap and support for success. Our unique blend of creativity and innovation through over 40 combined years and over a billion dollars of experience bring an invaluable opportunity for our partners.

We work as one cohesive unit to provide the most efficient and effective approach to management consulting. Our team is motivated by seeing our partners achieve success and growth because we don’t take on a challenge unless we can help turn it into a growth opportunity.