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What Does Strategizing for Success Mean?

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Every wonder why doing the same work will yield the same results? Or better yet, doing something different everyday but still ending up with the same results?

Sometimes this is out of our control and the impact we, as owners, have on our business output/input can be limited. However, most of the time, if given the proper amount of time and analysis, any task can be assessed and ultimately optimized.

It’s crucial to take the time though and sit back to review every portion of your business to get the full comprehensive understanding. For example, if a coffee shop owner only focused on marketing to achieve the bottom line revenue she wants, she may be missing the fact that she’s spending more on making the coffee in staff time and expenses than she’s actually making on each cup. Considering this, if she adjusted the time spent making the coffee and reduced the costs, she could not only increase her revenue at the bottom line but also increase sales by turning out more coffee each hour than ever before. By taking the time to sit back and review the companies ins and outs, especially from an outside perspective, business owners can identify many new ways to increase revenue and provide even better service.

So when you think of strategizing for success, think of it as an opportunity to analyze your business top to bottom. Finding ways never thought of before to generate ever greater return. From there, you implement the new strategy and always adjust and reassess. Strategy doesn’t just end from the day you implement the set solution, rather it’s a long game where assessment and improvement come hand in hand. This comes with benchmarks, goals, and phases of reaching our desired success.

That’s how we look at things at Equiturn, we’re more than just a one off strategy, we’re a road map and strategy for success!

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