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Team Member

Joshua Orlinsky

CEO & Managing Partner

Joshua is a seasoned consultant with 12 years of experience in growth management consulting and mergers & acquisitions. Josh has worked with over 300 corporations, with annual revenues ranging from $1m to $900m. With a Bachelor's in Finance from Florida State University, Joshua intimately understands finance and applies his deep analysis skills to the overall strategy being provided to the clients, in order to maximize the business potential that they have. Prior to starting Equiturn Business Solutions, Joshua worked in Washington, DC for a reputable management consulting firm, focusing on financial consulting and mergers & acquisitions, and working on over $3B of government contracts for companies such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Oracle, and Microsoft. After a fulfilling and successful career in Washington, Joshua moved back to Florida to start his own firm. At Equiturn, he has managed over $1B in cash flow to date, funded over $650M in growth capital, served as CFO for multiple organizations, and has assisted and advised over 100 clients on how to better structure their financials and plan for the future to welcome new opportunities for business expansion and avoid blind-spots when it comes to cash reserves and financial hardship. He is also passionate about helping his community, and for that reason he contributes his time to local small businesses by running free finance and accounting webinars and in-person seminars through SCORE. His efforts rendered him a gold award for his contributions and for the impact it created to local businesses that attended his seminars, with over a 99% satisfaction rating.

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