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Equiturn Business Solutions, Inc. is a leading management consulting firm. We advise growth seekers and start-ups on strategy, sales, marketing, organization, operations, SEO and finance across all industries and geographies.

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Digital Marketing
The Equiturn team will create a digital marketing strategy and manage your digital marketing for your business on multiple platforms. This could include social media, google, email campaigns and minor website improvements. We develop the strategy, create the content, and then manage all of the organic and paid campaigns.
Corporate Restructuring
Throughout any corporation’s lifetime comes the need to adapt, adjust, and restructure its existing strategy, direction, processes & systems. After a free corporate assessment, our consultants implement unique and detailed strategies to stimulate the restructuring process in any type of business.
Management & Growth Consulting
Our experts have tremendous experience in business management & growth consulting. As a business owner, you’re constantly immersed in the daily operations of the business, so it may be difficult for you to focus on the cause of an issue or recognizing expansion opportunities. Our consultants are there to help businesses succeed and structure management and strategies for success. We save time by overseeing some or all of the business management functions, without any upfront costs.
Start Up Consulting
Starting a new business comes with a vast amount of steps and obstacles, and business owners may find it difficult to structure their business for success. Our team works directly with our clients to recognize the best processes and create a unique financial, managerial, capital and employee structure tailored specifically for the business that will set them up for long term success.
Non-Profit Consulting
Our Non-profit consultants have nearly two-decades of experience providing board governance, fundraising,
management, and strategic consulting services to organizations of all sizes.
Corporate Loan Sourcing
There are periods in every corporation’s life-cycle where an infusion of capital can help turn around a business or assist in its growth trajectory. Our Loan Sourcing team have become experts in analyzing and identifying the specific and unique needs of the clients we work with, and finding the lending source that fits best within the company’s capital structure.
Financial Accounting Rehabilitation
A company’s financial statements provide vital information that business owners, investors, creditors and analysts use to evaluate a company’s overall performance. These statements provide goals and feedback that direct the company’s decisions and direction, and without clear and concise statements, it causes strain on transparency, tax liability, errors, trust & planning. Our team will build years worth of books and put our clients back on the right path.
Investor Relations
Investors play an essential role in corporate success and it’s vital for any corporation to have a clear and transparent relationship with their investors. Our associates provide accurate and timely managerial and financial information for investors in order to maintain a successful partnership between all parties. We also prepare business owners for investor pitches, bringing them from a pitch deck to funding.
Monthly Financial Reporting
One of the main issues that we come across on a day-to-day basis with any corporation is the fact that they don’t run their business using their numbers. Our team will provide business owners, lenders, investors & bankers with monthly financial oversight and reporting in order to properly monitor the business, and ensure that the numbers being represented are accurate and precise. With this service, there will be no more surprises, and businesses can tackle problems before they really begin.
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The Equiturn team took the time to understand my business. They treated me like a partner and invested all their time to ensure my business could turn things around

I ended up at a convention - that I wasn’t planning to be at - and met Ron and Josh. They understood exactly where I wanted to take the company, where we were currently, and what we would have to do to surpass our goals. I’m very excited to work with a team that truly cares. 

Thank you Equiturn for your love, support, and pearls of wisdom to awaken Velocity to new levels of business.